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Find out from these parent bloggers about their parenting experience. Pick up a few tips from them and discover the journey of parenthood and the joy of being parents!
Christy Wong
Christy Wong is a working mum who has 3 lovely young kids and a super supportive hubby. She teaches her kids to enjoy the simple things in life and appreciate what they have from young. She blogs on kids’ activities, parenting thoughts and shares her parenting journey. Stay tune to on her insightful posts and interesting shares on what she does together with her kids and how she handles children’s behaviour.
May Lee
Just yet another typical single lady a few years back, I have transitioned in this short period into a wife and mother. It has been a wonderful journey since with my love of my life, Mister E. In between reminiscing about the singlehood times and indulging myself with some lady pampering, I am trudging through the parenthood milestones and enduring a lot of hard knocks on the way. From the slightly self-indulgent and naïve self, I have morphed into this sometimes messy, often selfless and always loving mother to an active two year old Ryan and my beautiful baby daughter, Gillian. This is my journey…
Daphne Ling
Daphne is a mommy of three – Truett, Kirsten and Finn. She blogs to share her thoughts and adventures of motherhood and parenting.Daphne also blogs at
Edmund Tay
Edmund is a daddy blogger who has 3 children – Nicole, Nathan and Nadine. His blog is about his journey as a parent, and the many parenting nuggets and discoveries he makes along the way.Edmund Tay also blogs at
Daddy M
Marcellus seeks to track the growth and chronicle the lives of his two boys, Charles and Louis. He hopes, when they become Daddies, they will be proud to showcase the blog to their own kids and wives.
Leonny is a mommy of three – Anya and Vai and Brie. Leonny shares her ups and downs of motherhood, arts and crafts ideas for kids, parenting tips through her writing and photography.
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